Face the Music
Using Roots Music to Uproot Racism

This class is designed for people interested in discussing, exploring, sharing, and grappling with the evolution of American popular culture. The country’s musical history provides a unique and powerful lens for deepening our grasp of how culture has sometimes confronted—but too often reinforced—the racist systems that continue to terrorize historically disenfranchised communities. 

With an emphasis on artists who were nonconformists, women and people of the African diaspora, each week of class will consist of a ten minute presentation of profiles and stories followed by facilitated, constructive discussions about invisible bias how participants can use their knowledge and power to effect positive change in their communities. 


A group of 7 - 10 participants meets weekly for 90 minutes via Zoom for 8 straight weeks. 

Each class consists of:

  • A 10 minute check-in to connect as humans + set the table for a productive session.

  • 10 - 15 minutes of learning stories + context about incendiary American musicians and songs. 

  • 20 - 30 minutes of discussion about the lessons and themes drawn from the context.

  • 15 minutes learning and developing a new stratagem for uprooting racism in our own community. These tools will be adopted collectively and then implemented by each individual. Grown from our discussions, they may take the shape of:

    • Personal work we do to align values with language and action among in our own families or teams.​

    • Heritage work we undertake to identify useful lessons in our personal history.

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